Grace Gratitude Necklace 

Starting at the tassel, roll the first bead between your thumb and pointer finger. As you are rolling the bead, think of something you are grateful for. Move to the next bead and think of another thing you are grateful for. Do this exercise until you have rolled each bead around the entire necklace. You will feel more gratitude, more joy, and less stressed! 


Enjoy the aroma of your favorite essential oil by gently rubbing a couple drops of oil to the leather tassel! 

The leather used for these tassels necklaces were donated from a local furniture store and rescued from the landfill.

The purchase of a Grace Gratitude Necklace will provide a meal for a child receiving treatment at the Sole Hope Outreach Clinic in Jinja, Uganda.

Approximately 30-32 inch necklace with 5 inch tassel.