$10.00 Bucks and Some Paint

One of my favorite places for thrifting is Value Village in Mooresville. Hands down they have the weirdest stuff! Sometimes I leave with my car packed full of great finds, other times I can't get out of the store quick enough empty handed. So in other words, HIT OR MISS.

Recently I found two of these tables/plant stands for five dollars each. I had them in my cart when a snotty lady with an angry look on her face asked if I was going to buy them. I was like, well yeah they are in my cart. She gave me a less then kind look and commented on how the legs were different and how was that going to work for me. I hadn't even realized the legs were different, but that made me love them even more and made her even more unkind. There is such a thing as thrifting envy people!!!

I grabbed some regular old wall paint. Two coats. I did a really bad job painting because I knew I was going to distress them. The worst the paint job the better! Once they were dry I took my sander and went to town! To finish, I added some antiquing glaze which dulls the paint and gives it some demension.

We have been using them like crazy for coffee, books, and lunch because they are so portable and easy to move! And the unmatched legs don't bother me a bit! Oh and that $6 ottoman came from Value Village too! It was an ugly yellow when I bought it, but with some more blue wall paint, it's one of my favorite things!

xoxox Angela