I love my family. My girl makes me laugh and reminds me of myself when I was her age. My boy melts my heart with his blue eyes and sensitivity. My husband is hot and funny and makes me feel safe. I love simple. I love Goodwill. I love being quiet, pizza, and reading. I love long walks, and mason jars, and plants. I love riding my bike to the farmers market, watching the Office, and dreaming about traveling. I love to make things. I love God. He has blessed me with all the above and the strength to choose sobriety so I can to truly experience and appreciate each of these gifts. There was a time when my outlook was dark and I couldn’t count my blessings because I couldn’t see them. I was blind by self loathing, guilt, shame, and the numbing effects of alcohol. My world was grey. I prayed for help and my God saved me. I share this because my heart knows what it’s like to struggle and now my heart wants to share his hope. #hope