Farmhouse Anthropologie DIY Apron!

I've decided to learn how to cook. I've said this at least 84 times a year since I was 22. This is my year. I can feel it and Joanna Gaines's new cookbook is my inspiration. All those beautiful photographs makes me want to be a professional chef. Actually, if I could just learn to scramble some eggs I'd be thrilled! My family will be thrilled. Good thing I'm full of love because they are definitely not getting fed. So the first thing you have to do to learn how to cook is pull out ALLLLLL of your fabric because you're going to need a super cute apron! Right!??! I can see that I'm already getting side-tracked.

I am LOVING this farmhouse fabric! I thought an apron made out of this fabric might channel my inner Joanna Gaines when I step into the blackhole, I mean the kitchen. I started out wanting a very simple apron, classic, sophisticated just like the meals I'm going to make. But then my Candy Land personality starts jumping up and down and that's when I grabbed the dress and started cutting.

This past January, I went to NYC on a thrifting adventure (this basically means I went to every thrift store/Goodwill I could find in the city). I found a ton of awesome thrifted clothing including this Anthropologie dress in the above photo. It was a bit small but I figured for $4.99 I could either starve myself or use it for fabric. I choose pizza and to use it for fabric. I'm sure in some states it's against the law to cut up an Anthro dress. Honestly I did feel pain when I pressed the rotary cutter into the fabric.

Perfect Patchwork fabric for the apron pocket and red and white ruffle for the bottom of the apron.

Already hemmed neck strap and ties for the back of the apron!

That was sooooo FUN! Thank you Purl Soho for the online pattern and instructions! Now I want to make more! I guess the cooking is going to have to wait a little bit longer! No eggs for you! xoxox Angela