The No Sew, Easy Way to Recover a Chair With Fur.

I love chairs. My hubby once said that we had enough seating for 100 of our closest friends. We had a lot of chairs. Thrifted chairs are quick, fun, inexpensive, easy DIY projects. Several years ago when The Nester recovered some thrift store chairs with fur, I was completely blown away. I tucked that project in the back of my brain and have been waiting for the right chairs to come along.

My sweet friend Kerry posted these chairs on our neighborhood Facebook yardsale site, which by the way is the BEST place to sell and find great new to you stuff! If your neighborhood doesn't have a site like this, consider starting one. I've been looking for a nightstand for my guest bedroom and just found a beautiful black round table for $15! Plus the yard sale site is a GREAT way to get rid of stuff and make a little extra cash! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

Kerry posted these chairs as free because of the damage from her sweet kitties. I was behind one other lady who at the last minute backed out and I got the chairs! I was at Kerry's house within minutes before she changed her mind. Oh and they are West Elm chairs too! Double jackpot!!!!

We have this weird large landing area on our second floor that has totally made me crazy. I didn't have a clue how to use this space. At first I refused to put chairs here because I was like who is going to sit here? No one is going to sit down and read a book in the landing. I believe every space should be used, not just decorated. But now with the chairs and my $8.00 rug from Habitat, it truly is one of my favorite places in the house. I actually do sit here and fold laundry. And I plan to add more plants and treat it like my very own little greenhouse. #dork

Ok, so how do you recover a chair with fur if you've never taken an upholstery class? It's sooooo easy! No sewing, no measuring, no fancy upholstery tools! All you need is fur, scissors, and a glue gun. Most of the fur I use comes from Joanne's or Hobby Lobby. I always use a coupon! The white fur was $40 a yard and I bought two yards. $80.00 to me is like buying all new chairs, but with my 50% off coupon, spending $40.00 to recover two chairs didn't seem as bad!

This chair came from Habitat Restore and cost $6.00! As you can see the seat of the chair is gross but the frame is amazing.

I had a leftover piece of brown fur from making a sloth. Yes, instead of going out on the town with people, I'm home by my introverted self making sloths. I spend my days doing weird stuff. This fur came from Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia. If you haven't been to Mary Jo's and love textiles, you have to make a trip. It's like a Lowe's but with fabric! I almost fainted the first time I walked in. I also had my son who was 2 at the time. Never take a toddler to Mary Jo's. This fur was about $12 a yard.

Lay the fur on the chair and position it how you want it to lay. Then start glueing. Cut and glue, cut and glue. The fur is super forgiving because of the length of the hair. I made soooooo many mistakes on the white chairs but you can't tell at all. I cut the fur too short in several places and had little bald spots. All you do to fix this is cut a smaller piece and glue it on. I think the Nester referred to this as little chair toupees! One little heads up... This project is super easy and only took me about 20 minutes, however it is MESSY! The little hairs get everywhere when you make your cut. I'm a freak about hairs on my person. I usually come straight home after getting my hair cut and take a shower. Sensory problems.

I love this chair!!! Such a fun and unique piece to add to any room! If you love fur chairs but don't want to make one yourself, this guy is available! My love for chairs lives on, but we just don't have room for him. Send me a message if interested! Now off to find more chairs! xoxox Angela