2 years ago I sat on a couch in Jinja, Uganda and cried.  We had just returned from a Sole Hope jigger removal clinic and my heart was broken.  Child after child after child lined up to have their feet wash and clean, to have jiggers painfully removed with a safety pin and then received, in most cases, their first pair of shoes ever.  A pair of Sole Hope Shoes.


I cried because there were so many children infected with jiggers, so many children in pain.  The problem seemed too big.  What in the world could one person do to help.  What in the world could I do to help. 


As I cried, a dear friend said something that I will never forget.  “Angela, even if we help just one, it’s worth it.”  Her words rocked me to the core.  I couldn’t help every child in Uganda, but I could start by helping one. I could use my gifts and my passions to help one.


My art is a reminder to love one person.  A Ugandan child, a homeless Vet, a struggling single mom.  We are all children of God; we are all brothers and sisters.  Love one, and then another, and then another.  Little drops in the bucket add up.  Every purchase at Angela Statzer Designs provides a meal for a child receiving care at the Sole Hope Outreach Clinic in Jinga, Uganda.  

Life is a little like hair.  You fight and fight what God gave you.  You fight how he created you.  You fight how he made you unique and different and beautiful and special.  You fight your "curls".  Then one day you take God's hand and embrace who he created you to be.  You embrace how he lovingly made you. You stop swimming upstream, you stand up, turn around, and start swimming in the stream he made just of you.  You stop fighting your "curls" and start following your heart.  And then you learn to love yourself and that is a beautiful thing.  Because once you love yourself you can truly love others.

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